Old School. Whiteboard. Write down all handwritten problems as soon as he starts, so you can note what he SAYS! Teaching style is advanced and intended to challenge students at a transferable math level. Pay attention and ask questions if you are uncertain where a number came from!


Minimalist. Some Minitab in class, so learn to read the output for exams.  Basic calculator ok. Scientific recommended.

Out of Class:

No emails. Visit office hours for help – seriously he is very helpful!


Minimal. Doesn’t collect it often, if at all, so don’t expect it to pad your grade. Follow the pages he assigns to figure out where you are in the book and check in with him about his solutions vs. the textbook methods and formulas.


Minimal and pop-quiz style near exams. Solutions provided to check your own work.


Essay and short answer. Usually 4 pages. Not as advanced level as lectures. Often includes problems from lecture with numbers changed.

Grading Style:

Partial credit – so SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK! Pay attention to details, draw diagrams, label graphs, and write down the name, symbol, formula, calculations, and final answer for any value is required for full credit.

Advice for Test Prep:

Focus on his lecture problems. Know how to define the variable and select the correct method for the variable type. Visit the Lewis Solutions page for resources: sample problems with written solutions, video solutions, and printable blank problems for extra practice.