About Cuesta College Instructor Reviews

Every semester it takes students a while to adapt to the unique teaching styles and quirks of a new professor.  This guide intends to offer you my insight from a decade of experience as an embedded note taker, drop-in math lab tutor, one-to-one Statistics Support Specialist for students with disabilities, private Stats tutor, and Academic Success Coach for the Cuesta College Students Success Center | CaFE programs to help you with that learning curve or hep you select a teacher for the coming semester.

Students frequently ask me to recommend an instructor for Math 247 and I tell every one of the, “It depends” because it depends what your needs and preferences are as a student.

  • Do you prefer to get credit for homework or have your grade based upon exams only?
  • Are you an independent learner that is comfortable reading the textbook ahead of class and doing more practice in-class?
  • Do organization and additional online resources matter to you?
  • Do you need a more nurturing personality to feel supported and reduce anxiety?
  • Do you prefer to use lots of technology or do you prefer pencil and paper?
  • What is your relationship with multiple choice tests?
  • Does partial credit grading tend to help you or do you have difficulty showing all of your work in math exams?

Please consider this as an alternative to platforms, such as RateMyProfessor.com, that are rife with biased reviews submitted by disgruntled students looking for a venue to blame and complain. While peer feedback is helpful and I highly recommend you seek out word of mouth referrals from other students – it is in your best interest to make up your own mind.