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The Stats Concept Clinic is a free support lab available to all students enrolled in Math 247 at Cuesta College. Access free supplemental materials and resources here. 

How is this different than the drop-in math lab?

The drop-in math lab is designed to help students with homework completion and the Stats Concept Clinic is designed to help students:

  • Identify and resolve conceptual gaps of key concepts
  • Improve understanding of vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Improve strategies for word problems
  • Work with formulas
  • Technology Support: MiniTab 18, TI graphing calculators, Excel, StatCrunch
  • Prepare for lecture
  • Improve note taking
  • Improve communication with faculty and get more out of office hours
  • Provide supplemental problems and guided exercises to reinforce concepts, identify patterns, and use key words differentiate between variations of types of problems
  • Prepare for quizzes and tests
  • Access and navigate specialized databases to locate research to analyze for class projects
  • Prepare for an accumulative the Final Exam

How to participate:

The Stats Concept Clinic is conducted on an cloud-based virtual whiteboard, which you will access through your Math 247 class Canvas.  The sessions are conducted in room 3412 on the SLO Campus and technical support is available in person in the North County Campus Student Success Center.

  • SLO Campus Student Success Center: Room 3412 lab
  • North County Campus Student Success Center: Room N3129
  • Distance Education: Math 247 Class Canvas

What technology equipment is required?

Computer and microphone headsets are available to check out at both Student Success Center locations, however DE students may consider the following options based upon desired level of interactivity:

  • Computer with Internet connection (required)
  • Speakers to hear audio (desirable, however in-app chat function available)
  • Microphone to ask questions verbally (desirable)
  • Touch screen computer or tablet (desirable)
  • Headset microphone (desirable

When is the Stats Concept Clinic Open?

  • Monday – Thursday 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Video archives of sessions available on Canvas